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Friday, September 27, 2013

Interpreting and Translation Services

Interpreting and Translation Services
English and Italian

Services for general language and specific language including commercial language, business language and legal language.

·        General Language Interpreting for 1–5 people:
$80.00 per hour*
·        General Langauge Interpreting for 6-10 people:
$100.00 per hour*
·        Specific Language Interpreting : $150.00 per hour*
·        Customized General Language Interpreting for 10 or more people.
*Minimum of 3 hours.

·        General Language Translations: ¢20 per word
·        Specific language Translations: ¢25 per word

·        Citizenship Document Translations: $50.00 per page

Call or email:

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