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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Why Become an Italian citizen? 7 Benefits of Italian Citizenship

Would you like to become an Italian citizen?
If you are an American citizen whose parent, grandparent, or great-grandfather was an Italian
citizen, you may be eligible for dual citizenship with Italy by “Right of Blood for People of Italian
Descent.” Spouses of Italian citizens are also eligible to apply for dual citizenship.

What are the Benefits of Italian Citizenship?
  1. To be able to legally work, reside and study in Italy and in the other 28 E.U. countries (U.K.,France, Germany, Holland etc.)
  2. Unrestricted ability to buy property in Italy and complete all economic transactions
  3. To be able to transfer the citizenship to all children under 18 years old automatically
  4. Access to public medical care and low cost, high quality public education
  5. To have the right to vote for the Italian Parliament representative in your region
  6. To establish a firm identity with your Italian heritage
  7. Serving in the military is no longer required of citizens
Services you can Trust

If you are in the process of applying for Italian Citizenship, the most important choice when selecting a service is finding a program with knowledge of the Dual Citizenship Process. We connect with experts to obtain US Naturalization Records and Italian Vital Records, and we are Professional Translators. Let us help you complete your Italian Citizenship Application with
ease and accuracy at affordable rates.

Top Quality Services at Affordable Rates

  • Professional Translation of all U.S. Records
  • Information regarding the Eligibility Requirements
  • Procurement of Italian Vital Records
  • Obtain US Naturalization Records or Statements of “No-Record” from USCIS
  • US Vital Record and Apostille Services
Call us today at 773-275-5325 to get started or email us at info@sentieri.com

Find out more about our genealogy services on our site at www.sentieri.com/italian_roots

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